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Against the backdrop of Florence, a vibrant city layered in Renaissance art and history, you will experience hands on cooking classes with professional staff; wine appreciation classes, gastronomic walking tours, and visits to fresh food markets, farms, restaurants and wineries.

Located in the historic center of Florence, we offer the finest Academic and Non-Academic food and wine studies in all of Italy. Programs are shaped either for people who approach "the art of Italian cooking" for the first time, or are experts in the field who wish to refresh and deepen their cultural and practical experience of Italian cooking. We consider cooking to be an art, a complete experience involving the whole body in its appreciation.

We offer a program at state-of-the-art, newly remodeled facilities. The Culinary Institute is located just moments away from such treasures as the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio, the San Lorenzo Church, the Uffizi, etc. Florence's main central, indoor food market is simply a stone's throw away and allows students to learn about and use the freshest, most enticing ingredients available in the city.

  • Arrange for wine tasting
  • Arrange dinners at specialized restaurants
  • Special day excursions based on your culinary program
  • Provide a Celestial Travel representative for a special presentation at your first organizational evening
  • An experienced Celestial Travel guide will be with you throughout the tour
  • Provide an information sheet to each participant
  • Provide your group with an easy payment schedule
  • Provide your group with quality accommodations
  • Celestial Travel and Tours will research and include appropriate attractions and tours that will not only be educational but also entertaining and fun
  • Celestial Travel & Tours will help you select a destination which will accommodate your budget and provide memories of a lifetime for your group
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