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We loved the Branson trip. It was fun, educational, entertaining, short and relatively inexpensive. Thanks again John for finding really good clinicians and venues. My students said they would go every year. Thank you and great work to everybody at Celestial.

Larry Meerdink - Horizon High School, Thornton CO


I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Celestial Travel & Tours for organizing the Mountain Vista High School Music Department's recent trip to Ireland. As you know, I traveled with students extensively in Europe and this was absolutely the smoothest trip that I have taken. In taking over 300 people on an eleven-day trip, you would expect some problems to crop up, but there weren't any. I believe that the trip was trouble-free due to Celestial's incredible attention to detail. It is great working with a tour company that will give you personal service and customize your trip according to the unique needs of your group.

Mark Wurst - Mountain Vista High School, Highlands Ranch CO


When we travel with the HHS Music Program we wwant truly unique experience that meets our needs. Setting up a customized tour takes a great more care and attention by the tour operators than the packaged general tours do. Most companies that I have looked at offer a customized tour package, but it still is just a selection of pre-determined options. Celestial takes the time and energy to set up a tour that is unique and specially designed to meet the needs and wants of my ensembles. They have a level of expertise in the staff that is unaprallel and they take the time ot truly make our travel experience unique, educational and pleasurable.

Robert Wagner - Horizon High Schoo, Thornton CO


I have had the opportunity and privilege to travel with Celestial Travel and Tours on 6 seperate occasions ranging from small to large International trips. On ever occasion, Celestial Travel and Tours has handled all of the planning, arrangements and details with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. Celestial Travel and Tours plans trps that are geared to be appealing and extremely memorable for student performers and adult chaperones alike. I personally appreciate the drive and desire that Celestial Travel has for arranging unique and unforgettable performance sites with appreciative audiences. As a former band director, John Icabone plans each trip from the standpoint "me", the music director/teacher, in mind. I am continually amazed at how easy each trip is, no matter what the logistics entail. Finally, I have an incredible "peace-of-mind" traveling with Celestial Travel & Tours as they are with us every trip to assist, not only with the details and arrangements, but are also there to handle any and all situations that arise, that are beyond our control. On one trip, when the airlines delayed our flight, John Icabone made emergency arrangements with hotels and transportation to provide us with an unforgettable travel experience in Washington D.C. as opposed to simply delaying our trip. HIs personal attention to me as a director and to our groups is the hallmark of the service I have experience with Celestial Travel and Tours.

Don Emmons - Littleton High School, LIttleton CO


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